Oak Flavored Tonic Water?? Uses?

Oak Flavored Tonic Water?? Uses?

Postby jamesramirez » Fri Dec 18, 2020 2:43 am


I recently bought a San Pellegrino variety pack at Costco which had Ginger Beer, Orange flavored Tonic Water, and Oakwood flavored tonic water. I have obviously figured out a use for the Ginger Beer (Moscow Mules). I used the Orange Tonic water in a personal variation of an Aperol Spritz (2 Oz Aperol, 2 Oz Cranberry, 4 Oz Orange Tonic Water).
I am scratching my head at what I would use Oak Flavored Tonic water with. If someone can give me a few ideas to go off of, I would really appreciate it.
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