GPS jammer for privacy protection

GPS jammer for privacy protection

Postby Deckclonsund » Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:49 pm

Cars equipped with GPS devices might be doing a little more – they are sleek and smart, and many people prefer and feel safer in them, and even totally rely on them. But the GPS device might just be a little smarter than most of us may think, which seem to be indicated by recent revelations. In the light of car technology experts, the fact that one knows exactly where the person is driving at any one time might have enormous potential. Manipulating that information, one can be able to acquire and sell personal information at a price. I believe that the sale of personal information is nothing new to us, and even has the potential to make someone big money. Cars are tracking people in much the same way as smartphones do today. And instances of using smart phones to obtain personal information are not new either.

Apparently it will be wise to use a GPS jammer because the car spying is and will be an ongoing concern, and the fact that it takes advantage of devices that people trust to keep them safe makes it even worse!
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